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Some say that the future is coming. It is at the doorstep, just waiting to be let in. However, they are not entirely right. The Future was at our doorstep. It’s now here.

Considering the need of the modern era, every second counts, every word has its meaning lost in the next moment a new line is spoken. The days of waiting for a dial up connection are long since considered prehistoric and the DVDS are now being replaced by the Blue-ray disks, as they had replaced the Video Cassettes and the VCDs.

Google IGLASS Concep Review

So why do we consider the communication technology immune to the change?
Presenting to the world, here are the Google Glasses. Developed by Google X, a subsidiary of Google, for a streamlined format of a smart phone which would not need any hands to carry it or use it, because, as the name implies, the glasses are actually the spectacles that the user or the customers will be wearing! Sounds cool right?

So, what is so special about these glasses?

The Glasses will have a computer device mounted to the spectacles called as a HMD (Head mounted device) that will be able to serve the user using the automated features that are built into it. The most general feature of the Google Glass is that it will be mostly hands free, meaning that all of the work will be done by the visual (Eyes) and the Natural tone technology (Voice recognition).

Considering that the glasses have all of this built in, there are other features which can be recognised as part of the glass and having their own unique use as well. For example, having a 5 megapixel camera attached to the glasses gives it a futuristic look, but not only that, the photos could be taken at any time, with saving time of taking out the phone, starting the camera application, then taking a photo, while the moment has passed. Also, the camera is able to record videos in a 720p quality, which itself is very commendable since the glass is still a prototype and there are no plans to release the glass till the late 2013 or early 2014.

However, there have been some concerns regarding the usage of the glasses as a means of spying on the populace. It is, in itself a very valid theory to think about. Suppose a person had an accident on the road and he finds out that a video was made on him and uploaded on social media websites without his consent. Maybe perhaps he said something confidentially to someone, yet unknowingly a 3rd party records the entire secret in silence.

Since there have been no serious cases reported as yet, there is no official proof that it has been done, but when the issue arises, will Google consider the pros and cons of using as an advanced piece of equipment in everyday life, despite of what it may hold, good or bad?